Homecoming Medallion Hunt

Pride & Tradition

2018 Medallion Hunt Rules:

  • Each day during Homecoming a Medallion will be hidden on campus and a clue will be released for that Medallion.
  • The Medallion is located on TAMUCC’s Island campus in a public place.
  • You will not have to enter any locked facility or do anything to cause damage in finding it.
  • Do not climb, dig, or swim.
  • This is a fun hunt, please do not miss class, stay up all night, or get too serious about it.  Please be respectful of your fellow Islanders. 
  • The clue for that day’s Medallion will be released at the following Homecoming Events:
    • Sunday: Medallion Hunt Kick-Off
      • 12:00- 12:30 PM- PAC Parking Lot
    • Monday: Following Homecoming Tip-Off
      • 1:30 PM- CI Courtyard
    • Tuesday: Anchor Statue
      • 2:00 PM
    • Wednesday: Anchor Statue
      • 2:00 PM
    • Thursday: Medallion Hunt Finale
      • 5:00 PM- Anchor Ballroom
    • Stay tuned to the University Council of Student Organizations (@UCSO_Tamucc) Twitter account for updates.
    • All clues are available in-person for a half hour and then will be released on @UCSO_Tamucc Twitter.
  • Medallions will remain hidden until found by a team.
  • When a medallion is found, it will be announced on the University Council of Student Organizations Twitter page.
  • If the medallion is not found within 24 hours of the release time, a second clue will be released via @UCSO_Tamucc Twitter.

How to Receive Points for a Found Medallion:

  • If your team finds a Medallion, you must post 2 pictures on Twitter WITH #TAMUCC AND tag @UCSO_Tamucc Twitter.
    • One picture of your team holding the Medallion.
    • One close up picture of the Medallion with the number showing.
    • Posts MUST have #TAMUCC to receive points.
  • All found Medallions must be returned to the front desk of UC 218 by Friday at 3:30 PM, for your team to receive points.
  • If a team does not completely fulfill the above responsibilities of finding a Medallion they will not receive points.

Happy Hunting!